Author Topic: Looking for some best practices - e.g. handling more than one DGrid  (Read 1481 times)


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I've done some coding in Turbo Pascal many years ago. And now  I wanna reactivate myself with Lazarus.

I came across some problems I don't had to deal with in the past :)

1. How should I switch between different DBGrids? Tab-Sheets? Setting "Visible" on true or false?
All the tutorials I found are dealing only with one DBgrid or two that are shown simultaneously. I want to switch between two or more grids.

2. I'd like to set the background color of a row in the grid depending on a flag that is set in the db-table. I know how to do this in PHP/HTML/MySQL, but I have no idea how to do this in Lazarus.

3. Well, this should be the first question ... I'm not sure hat database I should use?! Too many possibilities


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