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Rubik's cube F2L solver

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Here is my lastest program. It is a Rubik's cube program that solves the first two layers using the F2L method.

You can turn the cube in 3D and move faces using F(ront), U(p), L(eft), B(ack), D(own), R(ight), with Shift and Alt. Also you can use M, E, S for slice moves, and x,y,z to rotate the cube with the keyboard.

It can be downloaded here :

Here is a screenshot :


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Only a Windows executable?


For now, yes. Of course I could put the sourcecode somewhere.

And maybe send it to this:

Ok, I've sent it.

By the way, I want to thank Dibo and Lainz for BGRAControls, which I am using in this project.  :)


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