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something wrong here, and i don't know where

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Got a little "fatal" error here

I Install
- free pascal ver 2.0.0.i386-win32
- Lazarus ver 0.9.10-20051002-win32
- file libmysql.dll from Mysql 4.0.26

I get this error message after install package mysql4laz.lpk
"The Procedure entry point mysql_server_init could not be located in the dinamic library libmysql.dll"

and now i can't get into Lazarus anymore unless i uninstall and then reinstall it.

as information

I use it on
win XP sp2
on AtlhonXP 1700+
GFX 5200
ECS Elite MB N2U-400A
80 GB Seagate HD

Any Idea how to handle it?
Or at least tell me whict version of lazarus "Runs" that mysql-package on my system
Thanks before

By the way
does Anyone know if lazarus has component to create any data report? Or to connect to a data report program such as crystal report (or any other good suggestion)?

There is nothing wrong there. If you install a package witch requires an external library, then you need to install that library.

You can download mysql here:

If mysql is installed and you still get the error message, locate libmysql.dll on your computer and put it on your Lazarus folder, or make sure there is a link to the place where the dll is on the PATH environment variable.

@sekel, he wrote that he has a libmysql.
the error
--- Quote ---The Procedure entry point mysql_server_init could not be located in the dinamic library libmysql.dll
--- End quote ---
means that the dll is found, but a required function wasnt found inside the dll.

I think the package is maybe outdated. Maybe you can try sqldb, it also supports mysql 4, 4.1 and 5.

Thank you for the fast reply.

Installing sqldb give me the
tmysqlconnection and all others which i should need to connect to mysql

therefore i follow the tutorial on connecting to mysql from the wiki
i got this error

Project raised exception class 'EDatabaseError' with message:
MySQLConnection1 : Server connect failed

i know that means i can't connect to mysql
i use
user : root
passwort : blank (no password)
host : localhost

i'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with my code (i was once making programs with delphi, a long time ago)
(i'm following the tutorial and make it simpler, "i only try to fill a text box with some string if a connection is established")

do you knows how to handle this?
or are there any tutorial or example sourcecode using sqldb Tmysqlconnection to connect to some database?

Thanks you before

Sorry, perhaps i was't very informative yesterday
here are things i did to produce the error =)

i drag 1 mysqlconnection (the blue dolphin) to my form

then at form_create i write :


i get error message :
project raised exception class 'EDatabaseError' with message:
MySQLConnection1 : Server connect failed

is there any mistakes in my code?
It compiles but that error message shows when running

and after that

lazarus shows a window titled "file not found"
the file "db.pp" was not found
do you want to locate it yourself ?"

Then i change the "compiler option" at project menu
adding path "Other Unit Files" to lazarus\fpcsrc\fcl\db
and lazarus\fpcsrc\fcl\win32

it gives me the same message, but now window db.pp is open and give me this line :
  Raise EDatabaseError.CreateFmt('%s : %s',[Comp.Name,Msg]);

with lots of lines in message window looks like :
db.pp(8,44) Hint: File c:\Lazarus\fpcsrc\fcl\db\ is newer than Release PPU file c:\lazarus\pp\units\i386-win32\fcl\db.ppu

Any idea what happens here and how to handle this?

by the way,
i get this error message after I copy the libmysql.dll to
windows/system32 directory

if i copy that file to lazarus directory, it can't find the dll

I change my MySQL version to 5.0 (because i read your reply, it says sqldb can connect to ver 5.0),
yet still use the lib from MySQL 4.0 (since it gives error message if i use the lib from ver 5.0)


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