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lazarus menue-items with german umlauts are invisible


my OS is SuSE Linux 9.3 with KDE as windowmanager and german as dafault language. Although I tried serveral settings menue-items with german umlauts remain invisible. Starting lazarus from bash results with the following messages:

" /home/georg/.kde/share/config/gtkrc:37: error: unexpected identifier `gtk-altern                         ative-button-order', expected keyword - e.g. `style'
TApplication.IconChanged - TODO: convert this implementation in gtk                          or win32
NOTE: miscellaneous options file not found - using defaults
HINWEIS: CodeTools-Konfigurationsdatei nicht gefunden - verwende Voreinstellunge                         n
NOTE: help options config file not found - using defaults
TPascalParserTool.BuildTree B OnlyIntf=True  /home/georg/Programmieren/Lazarus_T                         utorial/trymysql.pas
TMainIDE.DoLoadLFM A /home/georg/Programmieren/Lazarus_Tutorial/trymysql.pas Tru                         e
TMainIDE.DoLoadLFM AncestorClassName=TForm AncestorType=TForm"

Is my problem a result of wrong gtk-settings? Or is there a problem of wrong settings of lazarus

I've got more or less the same problem trying to use some characters in breton-based programs like 'Ñ'.  The code editor refuses them even when the font I use (courier) has got them. I made a test trying to find a way round, using #XXXX :
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
var xx : char;
  xx:= #209;                    // code for 'Ñ', 0X00D1 in hexa
  Label1.Caption:= xx;

To no avail : at first run the prog displays a plain 'N' instead of the expected character. I tried to change the Label's font property to 'nimbus' just to see, knowing that Ñ belongs to this font. It was worse : my window displayed a big 'C' whenI ran the program... I'im runing Lazarus under mandriva 2005 LE and KDE.

Thanks for your help


Can you guys add bug reports for this?

Here is the link:

This way someone will be assigned to fix the problem and it won't be forgotten.


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