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TRichMemo Windows-Only Multicolor Line and HTML Links Issue

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tbh I don't know if colors are supported - there's reference to it in the rtf export unit but my tests only produced bold for syntax highlights - I've attached the unit it anyway together with some missing images - I was going to add these to the bugtracker for Martin_fr but he might spot these here and accept them anyway  ;D.

I haven't had time to test them thoroughly or in Linux/Osx but there's no point in me just sitting on them.


actually, not sure this helps you - this unit just exports what's in SynEdit to rtf - in that basic situation the TRichMemo does appear to display tyhe rtf output at least for bold highlighting (the TRichView control missed loads of the highlighting).

I was trying to see if I could cheat on the printing side as there don't appear to be options to nicely format/print source code from SynEdit - my plan was to use the Fortes reporting components to format the pages correctly - just push each rich-text line of the output text into a memory table (one line per record) and then use the banding feature of the reporting system linked to the memory table to format them nicely on the page.  It works but it's not particularly elegant.

I guess for your application you'd also need an import unit for the other end?


Yeah, what I'm looking for is really an entirely different thing.  Think of AOL Instant Messager's Chat View Area or iChat's Chat View Area or Google Chat or any of the variety of other color chat programs, that word wrap, update elegantly and also allow maybe html links and pictures.

I presume you've looked for an existing Delphi component that could be (easily?) ported?

...there's some russian delphi source code that implements a TChatEdit here;

(I think it's a Delphi port of the C++ Builder TChatEdit that's on Torry's in my previous post).

The other alternative is to use the THTMLViewer/Turbopower's TIPHtml viewer and implement a chat window that's separate to your entry area - i.e. use something like SynEdit for the users to enter the text but display the result of both local and remote conversations in a separate window just like Pidgin does.


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