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Vincent Snijders:
making a new win32 build is on my todo list.
I just don't know what fpc version to use.
1.0.10 has no (good) fpimage and misses some important updates in streaming and TProcess.
1.0.11 can't be made at the moment, due to compiling problems with inet.pp
1.9.2 has still has a TProcess bug (environment is not set correctly) which could effect rebuilding LCL.
1.9.3. has problems with writing debugger info, so debugging your apps with gdb or insight (a graphical wrapper) doesn't work.

Even if there are no problems, it would probably take me another week, so don't get your hopes up.


Vincent Snijders:
Update: 1.0.11 bug has been fixed.

I think target 1.9.3 with some addition in a KNOWN_PROBLEMS.txt file (so people will not report known bugs) would be the most valuable because more people will test the latest code.


--- Quote from: "Vincent" ---Update: 1.0.11 bug has been fixed.
--- End quote ---

I recommend using 1.0.11 in that case.



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