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Would it be possible for the professional Lazarus guys to publish the compiled Win32 binaries periodically like once or twice a month (or even provide a daily build automatically) ?
The current latest one is Jan 03 2004 includes only FPC 1.0.11, and I know that there were tons of fixes since then not to mention FPC 1.9.3 ...

I see every day emails and postings from people that they cannot compile Lazarus themselves due to different problems so I am sure it would help a lot to have this and also increase the number of testers.
It can be quite frustrating to people that they cannot try Lazarus out due to compiling problems. It does not look good if one cannot even produce the executable for a software he/she wants to see in action...
Under MS Windows I am sure most developers are satisfied with binary versions of a development environment. 8)

The point is, if you can't compile lazarus, you probably can't compile your project either.

That's a little harsh ;).

Michael (if you did the build), did you build that lazarus build manually or with a script? If these builds take a lot of your time, I would be willing to help provide a script or help with the release work.


Yes it was a little harsh :)

But it is a fact that people give up if they cannot even get the IDE working after a few tries.
And the binary version should be working out of the box without any tweaking... that's why it is a binary version/installation.

That's true, however binary builds become less and less useful if more bugs are fixed, because people will report the same bugs over and over, which is annoying for both developers and users. Mozilla-firebird provides almost daily builds for that reason, I believe.



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