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I just want to say I really love the job you guys are doing with Lazarus. It is almost tempting to give up Delphi for this, which i will soon. I develop programs in Delphi and i have released a freeware program written with Delphi and would like to switch over to Lazarus. Pretty frustrated with the newer version with Delphi bu that's a different story...

Now, my question... :)  I read on wikipedia that if someone were to write code on Windows with Lazarus and they take the code on Mac machine to compile, it wouldn't compile. Is this true? Because i had the impression that Lazarus supports the idea of "write once and compile anywhere" philosphy.

Vincent Snijders:
Can you give a link where you read that?

Maybe you have to change some settings. Maybe if you use not only LCL, but also some winapi to write your application.


Compiling from Mac OS X to Windows, Linux and FreeBSD is possible, but not yet the other way around due to binutils issues.

This is about cross compiling, i.e. compiling a macosx application on a windows computer.

Copying the source from windows / linux to macosx and compile on macosx is possible.

Just a note, Andrew Haines recently reported that he succeeded to crosscompile a macOSX binary on linux (or was it win32)


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