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(HowTo) Windows 32/64 - Install and Build latest Lazarus SVN
« on: August 28, 2008, 11:14:05 pm »
For Windows (Test on Xp-SP3 and Vista 32 and Vista 64)

------------- Install Lazarus ----------------------------------
Download from:

“Lazarus - full “  for sample:
Lazarus-0.9.25-fpc-2.2.3-20080711-win64.exe  (for win64)
Lazarus-0.9.25-fpc-2.2.3-20080828-win32.exe  (for win32)

I Install Lazarus 32bit at “c:\lazarus32 folder”  (installation default is c:\lazarus)
I Install Lazarus 64bit at “c:\lazarus64 folder “ (installation default is again c:\lazarus)

-- -------------- Build Lazarus from SVN Code-----------------------
My "SVN pool" is for lazarus at “F:\Download_SVN\lazarus”

For Windows-64bit make a "Build_Lazarus64_SVN.bat" file and copy...

xcopy /E /R /Y F:\Download_SVN\lazarus C:\lazarus64\
C:\lazarus64\fpc\2.2.3\bin\x86_64-win64\make clean all
C:\lazarus64\fpc\2.2.3\bin\x86_64-win64\Strip C:\lazarus64\lazarus.exe
C:\lazarus64\fpc\2.2.3\bin\x86_64-win64\Strip C:\lazarus64\lazbuild.exe
C:\lazarus64\fpc\2.2.3\bin\x86_64-win64\Strip C:\lazarus64\startlazarus.exe
del C:\lazarus64\lazarus.old.exe
del *.o
del *.ppu

For Windows-32bit I use this Build_Lazarus32_SVN.bat file

xcopy /E /R /Y c:\svn_lazarus C:\lazarus32\
C:\lazarus32\fpc\2.2.3\bin\i386-win32\make clean all
C:\lazarus32\fpc\2.2.3\bin\i386-win32\Strip C:\lazarus32\lazarus.exe
C:\lazarus32\fpc\2.2.3\bin\i386-win32\Strip C:\lazarus32\lazbuild.exe
C:\lazarus32\fpc\2.2.3\bin\i386-win32\Strip C:\lazarus32\startlazarus.exe
del C:\lazarus32\lazarus.old.exe
del *.o
del *.ppu

Save at your Lazarus folder your "xxxxxxxx.bat" file
and run this file to build SVN Lazarus.

This is the Latest SVN Lazarus Build, but with installation FreePascal version (2.2.3)
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Re: (HowTo) Windows 32/64 - Install and Build latest Lazarus SVN
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2012, 06:54:27 am »

How do you start 32 bit Lazarus, and how 64 bit Lazarus
Lazarus 1.8.4 + FPC 2.6.4 x86 (rebuild) and Lazarus 2.0, Windows 7 x64, unless otherwise specified


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