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Either the programm returns an unsupported graphic format for pdf or eps with visualize


Hello, I haven't seen before this post as it is in the general section, I normally follow mostly more specific sections like "Android" or "FPSpreadsheet". Please attach your EPS file here or in a bug report.

Also, the best for testing is using "fpvviewer", which is located in the Lazarus-CCR/applications/fpvviewer as written here:

Although indeed fpvectorialconvertor should be ok too for testing.

Pretty much kike the error mentioned in the first post (did u see the logscreen ?)

Here another one for fpviewer :

and a blank inkscape test file in attachment

Hello, please try with lazarus rev 37184 or superior. I implemented the missing operations but I still had an error in the useless final part of the file, so there I added a work around to give up parsing the useless end of the file from Inkscape.

OK, works with a blanck file. Dont work with a libre office draw eps wich I send you through pm.

Screenshot :



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