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I just checked here in my Android and the background color works fine.

Then I tested in Windows in both LCL-CustomDrawn-Windows and LCL-Win32 and both worked fine. Could you post a screenshot of your problem? Which interface are you using?

I set up for form1 : clBLack then ClBackground

works fine under windows, still gray under android with LCL-CustomDrawn :

I just tested here and for me it works fine. clBlack is black clBackground is blue.

Use the latest SVN Lazarus.

So I did after 10 hours on irc (thks to Laksen by the way), to build the fpc and lazarus from source (not had the force to build the crosscompiler from the source).

I do have the latest lazarus from svn and the bckground is black !

SO now I can ask two more questions :)

In lazarus the path should go to the ndk, wiki said v 8, but what the difference with v14 ?

How difficult could it be to build an app with an ICS look ? Is there a way to build customdrawn_android.pas easy ?

thks again


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