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[solved]Unable to build apk under windows

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I followed, with the latest svn from Lazarus. Here are the "bugs" when I try to build the apk for "example\androidlcl"

--- Quote ---D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl3tbn\android>call javac -verbose -classpath D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Programmes\android-sdk\platforms\android-15\android.jar -d bin\classes src\com\pascal\lclbtn\
src\com\pascal\lclbtn\ error: unmappable character for encoding Cp1252
    localpaint.getTextBounds("├?qg", 0, 3, localbounds);
--- End quote ---

In this file you have a strange caracter on line 341

Deleting it (yep I know :)) and trying to relauch ends with

It is not a bug in my code, Java should not do that conversion of Unicode->CPsomething. Maybe we are missing some kind of option for javac which will tell it to use Unicode only.

Your Windows is for which language?

french. why would it be related with the windows french languague ? I did check the java gile it's encoded in UTF8 (see the file)

--- Quote ---    lclwidth = lclwidth + (3 * lcltextsize) / 16;
    // Don't use just localbounds.height() from the source text
    // because it will calculate the minimum necessary height,
    // but we can't easily use that to draw text because it draws relative to the baseline
    localpaint.getTextBounds("Íqg", 0, 3, localbounds);
    lclheight = localbounds.height();
--- End quote ---

and then why those all bugs ? (paste.bin)


--- Quote from: huberte on April 27, 2012, 12:35:08 pm ---french. why would it be related with the windows french languague ? I did check the java gile it's encoded in UTF8 (see the file)
--- End quote ---

The error comes from your Java JDK, in my computer there is no error. I have an polish Windows here. Why would it choose this particular encoding for the file? The JDK probably choose the Windows encoding to use for the file.

I read here:

And they say that there is a -encoding directory to javac. Could you try adding "-encoding utf8" or "-encoding utf-8" to the javac call in the batch file and see if this fixes the issue?

--- Quote ---and then why those all bugs ? (paste.bin)
--- End quote ---

You are probably using a non-UTF-8 editor. Use Lazarus to open the file and you will see that the string is correct. You can also use a hexadecimal editor to check that it is correct.

No error with :

--- Quote ----verbose -classpath %APK_SDK_PLATFORM%\android.jar -d bin\classes -encoding utf8 src\com\pascal\lcltest\
--- End quote ---

I will add this to the wiki

Like I said there were others error (see the paste bin links after), this one occurs :

--- Quote ---D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android>call dx --dex --verbose --output=D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\classes.dex D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\classes
processing D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\classes\.\com\pascal\lcltest\LCLActivity$1.class...

trouble processing:
bad class file magic (cafebabe) or version (0033.0000)
...while parsing com/pascal/lcltest/LCLActivity$1.class
...while processing com/pascal/lcltest/LCLActivity$1.class
processing D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\classes\.\com\pascal\lcltest\LCLActivity$2.class...
--- End quote ---

This error occurs with 10 warnings

Then this

--- Quote ---D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android>REM Now build the unsigned APK

D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android>del D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\androidlcltest-unsigned.apk
Impossible de trouver D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\androidlcltest-unsigned.apk

D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android>call apkbuilder D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\androidlcltest-unsigned.apk -v -u -z D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\andr
oidlcltest.ap_ -f D:\Svendi\Lazarus\Android\androidlcl\android\bin\classes.dex

THIS TOOL IS DEPRECATED. See --help for more information.
--- End quote ---



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