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Search paths to library files and project files?

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I can only add an asterisk when I edit the search path directly. However it seems that the only way to add a path is by browsing for it; editting of whatever path directly doesn't work. Is this a bug?

Suppose it works. How are those subdirectories searched? I often keep different versions of components in a subdirectory of the root.

Here editing the search path directly works well. What version are you using? I tested with 0.9.10 and 0.9.11

It will search for all subdirectories. This will have the same result as in delphi. If you have many versions of the same component, it will choose one. It is better if you move the subdir with the extra versions of the components away, if they have the same name, and unitnames.

I'm using 0.9.10 beta on XPP sp2.
I was not precise in my latest post. I can edit paths directly but the change is not effectuated then; only when I use the browse button and select a path, this edit is recognized when compiling..
By the way: I'm not aware of a Delphi option to include an asterisk to the search paths enabled subdirectory searches.

I fiercely disagree with you regarding your suggestion to spread project/component/class/.. files. It is the task of the IDE to support organizing units on disk, not to disorganize it or promote chaos.

THe IDE is helping you organize units by using packages.

Ok, in a former post I wrote that I did try using a package of my library files, but it didn't work.


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