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Search paths to library files and project files?

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It is asked before but never read an answer:

1. Where can I edit paths to files that are referenced in Delphi by:
    Tools|Environment Options|Library|Library Path

2. Where can I edit search paths to files specific for one project, like
    in Delphi set by:
    Project|Options|Directories/Conditionals|Search Path?

There is not really a global lib path. It is a combination of your project and installed packages

For your project, you can configure extra paths in

project - compiler options - paths -> Other unit files (-Fu)

Something like References in VBA :?

Pretty annoying knowing I have my own library of hundreds of units. Well, I have to put them in a package I guess.

I've put some library units in a package.
Installed the package and rebuild lazarus
Put this package in the requirements file list of the project.
Added required units to uses clauses.
However, compiling the project results in "Can't find unit xxx" error.

What am I doing wrong?

ummm I don´t know, but I think you really didn´t need a package.

Just put add the paths to your library units on:

project - compiler options - paths -> Other unit files (-Fu)


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