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query and mysql4.1

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All times that try query: SELECT sNome,sDescricao FROM SISTEMA WHERE iCodigo, the lazarus return this error: EConvertError with '....e....E..' is an invalid float. How remove this error ? Any Idea ?

What it the definition of the SISTEMA table, what is the exact error message ?

It is definition of table SISTEMA:
iCodigo int autoincremental
sNome  varchar(50) not null
sDescricao varchar(100) not null

I use it is query: SELECT sNome,sDescricao FROM SISTEMA WHERE iCodigo=1 and return the error before write.

Any idea of cause of error ? :?:

What client library are you using to connect to the mySQL server? Which components are you using? Remember: The Lazarus SQLdb components only work with mySQL client library 4.0.

I use mysqlclient4.1.... it may be the problem ? :?:


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