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The forum is not developed by the lazarus team itself, but by SMF (with some visual modifications by me)
Any new functionality has to be implemented by SMF. 

If there exists a SMS mod or a config option that I missed, please let me know

Hi Marc,
Fred Vs has posted a suggestion that you may want to consider:

--- Quote from: Fred vS on April 18, 2013, 09:47:39 pm ---
At forum profile, there is : Signature:

I propose that Signature: is asked in the page of inscription (not only in option).

With a note like :
Signatures are displayed at the bottom of each post or personal message. Please enter here :
- Your CPU :
- Your OS :
- Your FPC version (if installed) :
- Your Lazarus version (if installed) :

So, people do not forget to add those infos.

By the way, i invite each member to add those infos (if not already done).  ;)

--- End quote ---

I found a solution (by searching) which can help to implement the feature.

The summary is:

--- Quote ---Unfortunately, I am not that experienced in SMF. I have worked with phpBB before. But a quick search reveals that it is possible:
--- End quote ---
(The post is here)

don't know if this is the right thread (sorry if I'm wrong).
I was exploring the forum and one thing kept frustrating me is the Code tag; and thought if there is a way to implement a highlighter for the code would be nice and easier to read.

suggestion: take a look at
which used by

this forums are based on simple machine engine and it needs a module for that engine. I have no experience with javascript or php so I can't really help on how to convert the javascript client you linked to a SMF module but there is a module already but I have no idea how well it works with this installation or if its even stable enough to be used so I choose to believe on the maintainer's to do what is needed for now. 

Jurassic Pork:
taazz  this module (cb|GeSHi-mod 1.2) seems to be compatible with the version of the SMF version of this forum (SMF 2.0.11 | SMF © 2015, Simple Machines)

--- Quote ---cb|GeSHi-mod adds code syntax highlighting to your forum. Powered by GeSHi, the mod supports +200 different languages and is fully customizable for each of your themes.

Compatible with SMF 2.0 and later.
--- End quote ---

this module has syntax highlighting for pascal and delphi. 

Friendly J.P

[EDIT] Sorry HeavyUser English is not my natural language and sometimes i have some difficulties to be clear  [i have changed the to this] %)


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