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Specifically I feel in this Forum system that I might not see replies to topic-threads I have previously replied to. If I found the thread appropriate to respond to at one time, it would be nice to see it bubble back to the top of the list / bold font notification that some old thread has another reply. Perhaps someone replies to my post asking a further question, I do not see it for a long time / ever, and thus do not reply. Having Subscribed Threads / that message bubbles to the top, is in bold font, I would more easily notice and post a reply.

The forum is not developed by the lazarus team itself, but by SMF (with some visual modifications by me)
New functionality like showing bold unread items has to be implemented by SMF.

If there exists a SMS mod or a config option that I missed, please let me know


--- Quote from: Marc on April 02, 2012, 03:40:46 pm ---If there exists a SMS mod or a config option that I missed, please let me know

--- End quote ---

I get the impression that my suggestion did not ring any bells of an existing capability which is simple not enabled presently?

Thus, I will attempt to forward my suggestion to them.

There are several links on the left side (scroll down)

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The sant 2 should help.

They are not exactly what you need. But close


--- Quote from: Martin_fr on April 02, 2012, 06:30:54 pm ---Show replies

--- End quote ---

This at least showed me (now) two threads I had replies I should read. Thanks for pointing that out, Martin_fr. Yes, much closer than not knowing about that.


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