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Excerpt below from my post here:,16513.msg89783.html#msg89783

Oh, one suggestion on this forum system. A number of other forum systems I am a member of have a view which shows all threads I have ever posted to. Threads with yet un-read posts will show up in BOLD font, and threads I have already read all of the messages in are in normal font. Such would be very handy in this forum system. This is not the same as reviewing all of my posts, as if I replied more than once to a thread, that would show each response. The view by threads shows all threads I have ever posted to, in descending order based on date of most recent post. So if someone replies to a thread I commented on months ago, then right away it bubbles to the top of that list, and is BOLD so I can see that someone replied to that thread.

Personally i always use the "Show unread" link down there. Not only will you see topics that you have been active in, it also shows new possibly interesting topics that already fell down the right side Recent list. Open topics in new tabs as you read them, and finally "Mark all messages read". It's not something i use on every forum, but with that it's impossible to miss something.

Agreed with 137... makes it easy to keep up, especially if people have descriptive thread titles...


--- Quote ---Personally i always use the "Show unread" link down there.
--- End quote ---
That is useful for those that are here mainly to help others or to learn from others but not for those that are here only to get help on a particular subject.
For the latter I suggest using "Show latest comments" or  "Show own posts" and open the interesting threads in a new tab. There won't be that many ;)

As long as the number of posts stays reasonable, looking up unread posts may help, too. And people reading the forums may learn something new ;)


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