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Good afternoon, everyone!

I'm using LazReports to view the reports in my program. Everything is going very well, but how do I know the number of pages that the report will have when printed without viewing it first? I have a button that will print the report directly, but use it only prints the first page. How do I fix this? Thanks to all who respond.

Look at the sample programs in the Lazarus\components\lazreport\samples directory.

They'll show you how to print preview reports and how to print reports with many pages.

I've done it and still not working. Still printed only one page.

Can you post some of your code or a sample project here?

Unfortunately, I think there's no way it would have to post the entire program for that. It turns out that I am developing a program that reads DBF files exported by another program and from these DBFs I view various reports.

The access component Tdbf called DadosEsp. The component is called LazReport RelEsp. I have a button on the form that prints the form. Basically after specifying the required data such as: Name of the report, and others use the following code:

  DadosEsp.PrepareReport RelEsp.PrintPreparedReport then if ('1 ', 1);

I've tried changing the value ('1 ', 1) for other values ​​but it keeps printing only the first page, even putting eg ('100', 1).

Absolutely no way to solve this, but until now could not. Thanks to all who respond.


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