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[SOLVED] single report, each page diferent


Hi everybody,
How can i create a report that would be able to send many pages as one printing task. For example, I have data for 10 phone users, all of them with different information about the call timing and SMS-ing, and I want to print a separate Invoice for each of them, but I need the 10 diferent invoices to be included into only one printing task,
I need this for two reasons :
1)  when the preview-box pops-up and asks me to choose a printer I could send the whole task to a PDF pseudo printer and create one single PDF file that contains all of the Invoices. (i dont know another way of creating PDF files with lazreport)
2) because i dont want the preview-box to stop and wait for confirmation (it waits you to choose printer, number of copies etc etc etc), for each one of my 10 diferent (or imagine a 100 diferent) invoices, so I must click the "OK" button all day

... Or, how could I atleast bypasss the preview-box ? When the report is done, to go straight to my default printer and start printing immediately instead of see the preview ?

This is solved, it's simple :

--- Code: ---frReport1.PrepareReport;

--- End code ---
The enclosed ('1',1) means, ("page number one", one copy).
First parameter (page number) is expected string and it can also be set to a range of pages like '3-5'
the second parameter is integer, number of copies.
The line with "showreport" is to exactly show the report. To show the preview.

So, the issue was How to send many documents (let's say ten thousend Invoices) to a printer as one printing task.
It's so simple I hated myself, here it is:
First of all you need a query like "select customer_id, invoice_number, invoice_date, detail_id, quantity, price, vat, total from my_invoices". The result is expected to be:
customer_id | invoice_number | invoice_date | detail_id  | quantity | price | vat  | total
1                  | 000001              | 27.12.2012 | Coca-Cola | 10.00     | 1.00  | 18%|   1.18
1                  | 000001              | 27.12.2012 | Pepsi-Cola|   5.00     | 0.80  | 18%|   0.94
1                  | 000001              | 27.12.2012 | Fanta        |   3.00     | 0.90  | 18%|   1.06
13                | 000002              | 28.12.2012 | Coca-Cola | 100.00   | 1.00  | 18%|   1.18
13                | 000002              | 28.12.2012 | Cigarets    | 120.00   | 10.00| 18%| 11.80
and so on...
Start creating a new report. When you try to add a band, make that band "Group Header". Lazreport asks about what is the grouping condition, you should name your query and the field "invoice_number". And after you place the band on the empty page, right-click on it and choose "Force New Page". Now you have a "Group Header", and naturally that could require a "group footer" if you need calculated sums or similar. Enjoy.


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