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FBLIB on lazarus (win32)


Im sucessfully obtain to install the package of the interbase/firebird components.... so i can´t find a tutorial learning how to use this package!
Somebody know how to use this component ?????

I had done all of tables on the interbase, but i didn´t obtain to do the conections with the lazarus...

i wait for a help urgently, thanks!!!

{Message in Portuguese}
Olá pimenta, vejo que você também é brasileiro :-)
Você pode encontrar um tutorial sobre FBLIB no site do vivaolinux, a URL do tutorial é:
Espero ter ajudado :-)

The Tutorial about FBLIB can be find out in:

any english copy of the link above? thanks.

* I replied the question (not logged)
Link international, only (of my knowledge :-( )


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