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I have just returned to Android development and want to ask help with testing my code on different devices :) Here is a demo(apk file) which will show a bit modified version of this screenshot. What I want to test:
- initialization and OpenGL ES 1.x rendering
- playing ogg music in separate thread using OpenAL and libtremolo
- text input(taping on blue square will show soft keyboard)
- restoring resources after loosing focus(some devices can lost OpenGL context on Android lower than 3.0)

Demo requirements are Android 2.1+ device and OpenGL ES 1.1 support on it. Demo was compiled with FreePascal 2.6.1(the latest revision of FreePascal from fixes_2_6 branch) and uses JNI.

Hi Andru,
I tried your demo and it works perfectly on my rooted Samsung Galaxy Spica. (It's a 2 years old phone with a Cyanogenmod derivative custom 2.2.1 firmware. If it runs your demo, anything can I suppose. :- )
The installer did not create a launcher in the menu but I suppose it's by the design, so there is no problem. When you tap on the blue box, keyboard opens. Everything else is like it should be.

Rustam Asmandiarov:
А можно узнать как вы добавили в apk много so библиотек а так же как их подключили?

And you can see how you've added to apk so many libraries as well as how they connected?

Все они кидаются в jni/lib/armeabi, а перед их использованием в Java коде необходимо вызвать System.loadLibrary() метод с сокращённым именем библиотеки(например будет просто System.loadLibrary("openal")).

All libraries should be put into jni/lib/armeabi, and before using them there should be loading code in Java - System.loadLibrary() with shorted name of library(e.g. for it will be System.loadLibrary("openal")).

Rustam Asmandiarov:
Спасибо помогло! Все никак не могу прикрутить libglu, вроде продвинулось,но появились другие ошибки! Работаем ... :)

Thanks to help! All I can not tie libglu, such as advanced, but there were other mistakes! We work ... :)


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