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[Forum Suggestion] Show Topics and Bookmark Feature


can an admin add a feature called Show Topics under this page ->
so the structure will be like

Show Topics
Show Posts
Show Stats

it will be really helpful when tracking what topics i have started

and also a bookmark feature on the forum will be helpful too especially on people like me that has a lot of bookmarks already so a integrated bookmark on this site will somehow make me more oganize when finding and reviewing the topics i need

The forum is not developed by the lazarus team itself, but by SMF (with some visual modifications by me)
New functionality like show Topics or bookmarks has to be implemented by SMF.

no worries i found a work around while googling on SMF forums -

just go to menu "Profile" > "Summary" > "Show Posts" > and choose between "Messages" or "Topics" or "Attachments"

its kinda a long process but its better than nothing  :)


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