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Unit not found?

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I downloaded the source via cvs.

Then I compiled the source-code with the FPC 1.9.2. Lazarus was compiled with a many "Hints".

Then I started the Lazarus IDE and set the fpc source directory to


Now if I compile just a new form and place e. g. a button on these new form I can compile the project.

But if I want to write a code in the onClick-event of the button I gon an error:

"Unable to find method. Plz fix the error shown in the message window"

This was show:
### TCodeToolManager.HandleException: "unit not found: SYSTEM" at Line=27 Col=6
in "G:\Compiler\pp\source\fcl\classes\win32\classes.pp"
### TCodeToolManager.HandleException: "unit not found: SYSTEM" at Line=1 Col=6 in "unit1.pas"
The file ..\win32\classes.pp dated 06.10.2003.

What I am doing wrong?



Vincent Snijders:
Please check the environment options.
Make sure the compiler path and the fpc source directory are correct and have the same version.
If this doesn't help, please report the values in the environment options, path tab.

Hello Vincent

Thanks for the fast reply.

Here are the values of the environment  options:

Lazarus directory:     G:\Compiler\lazarus\
Compiler path:          G:\compiler\pp\bin\win32\ppc386.exe
FPC source directory: G:\Compiler\pp\source\

The compiler is fpc 1.9.2. Have I forgotten to do something?



To what directory did you download fpc cvs? To G:\compiler\pp\source? That's unlikely as the path should end in fpc, if you're using cvs.

Are you using both lazarus cvs and fpc cvs?


Hello Micha

I downloaded just Lazarus over cvs. The fpc was downloaded separate from

What do you mean "the path should end in fpc"? The message of the fpc seems clear: "unit system not found".  Isn't it like delphi possible to add the pathes in the environment options?

Thanks for your reply.




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