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Hi all,

Right now, is possible to access sqlite databases on an Android app created under Lazarus?
We have a little project about customers management we are thinking to take it with Laz.


I never tried myself, but I think it should work. You will need to build, or find a pre-build sqlite .so library compiled for Android since this library is not part of Android.

If you want to use data-aware components, then you will need to merge revision 20267 to your compiler. My pre-build compiler currently does not have this revision (since I commited it after building my snapshot compiler). See

I have an important project which will be based in LCL-CustomDrawn-Android, so I will in the next months be doing a lot of work on it. But in general people using it right now should take a "hands on" atitude and send patches or otherwise contribute because not all controls are implemented and I can't do everything alone, specially hard to implement controls like the grid and listview =) But except for that the current base is pretty solid, it was tested in a wide range of devices and works well everywhere.

The basic controls like button, image, edit, label, TCustomControl descendents, TGraphicControl descendents are all working.

The currently implemented controls are listed here:

I had trouble adding a DataSource in the project. I opened the BugTracker 21208 and with the change in the file:

fmtbcd.pp changed line 46 to {$r+,q+,s-} to turn off stack checking.

The system worked perfectly with no problems DataSource.

TCDListview can be regarded as a style of TCDGrid which is very intresting. According to the roadmap, the TBitBtn is so simple, and so is TCheckGroup and TCheckListBox where TStringList is working perfectly.

Sorry for the delay in the reply.

There are some posibility, if someone has a little example, with source, using sqlite to test it, in my 7" tablet, and show the code ho is implemented? and show it to my partner? He is the Android developer and since I told him about Android app developed under Lazarus, is excited (we are long Borland fans)



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