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KOL-CE cannot compile

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I'm trying to install KOL-CE from svn: but i cannot compile, this error i get:

--- Quote ---C:\lazarus\components\kol-ce\mck\mckToolbarEditor.pas(803,59) Error: Identifier not found "GetLookupRootForComponent"
C:\lazarus\components\kol-ce\mck\mckToolbarEditor.pas(995,4) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping

--- End quote ---

My system:
Dell Latitude D620,T2300 1.66Mhz, Windows XP PRO SP3 32Bit, Lazarus, FPC 2.4.4 &

Sounds like a KOL problem (like e.g. not having IFDEF VER related ifdefs for more recent versions), report it on the KOL site.

Sorry for digging old topic, but I created patch for this:

Now KOL-CE can be installed on lazarus 1.0, but events doesn't work on KOL controls. I do not have the knowledge to fix it. Here is description of bug:

Is KOL still maintained at all? Haven't heard about it in ages.

BTW: How KOL works? Is this just very light wrapper for winapi controls? Can something similar done for e.g linux?


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