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Fortes4Lazarus RLMemo, RLDBMemo line end problem

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Hi all !

I'm porting some Delphi programs to Lazarus, and before using QuickReport,
I have problem with LRMemo and RLDBMemo lines is displaying incorrectly when it is
populated in runtime like this :


It is wrong linebreak is used ? Howe can I solve this ?
Thanks, Patyi

Hi all !

Nobody is using fortes4lazarus or at least RLMemo and RLDBMemo components ?
I'm using it lot with QuickReport on Delphi7, and it is big handicap if I can't get it work ... :'(

I can't test now, but take a look at AdjustLineBreaks. Maybe you should try
--- Code: ---RLMemo.Lines.Text := AdjustLineBreaks(StringList.Text)
--- End code ---

Hi Zoran !

Thanks for advice, but unfortunately id doesn't work !
Something is wrong with painting text in RLMemo and RLRichText components !
It incorrectly displayed the text typed in design time to ... :o

Yes, I tested now on just updated and compiled Lazarus from trunk and Fortes from trunk. Kubuntu 11.10.
I can confirm this bug.
I hope Luiz will see this topic, as I don't know where Fortes bugs can be reported.


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