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Good morning,

When I add a TCDButtom and select dsAndroid DrawStyle in property in design time the button gets the Android appearance.

But when I compile and install the emulator button does not appear with the appearance Android.

This is a bug or is under development? Which class should be changed to fix this?

Thank you for your attention.

Did you add the package customdrawn to your project dependencies and added the unit customdrawn_android to your uses clause?

Good afternoon,

 He had added USES customdrawn_android ...

 However, adding this clause, the example does not perform in the Android emulator.

 Attached a picture of what changed in the example androidlcltest:

 1 - Added a CDBottom
 2 - DrawStylt -> dsAndroid
 3 - Added customdrawn_android in USES

 If I change to:

 2 - DrawStylt -> dsWinXP
 3 - Add customdrawn_winxp in USES

 The example compiles and runs on the emulator with the appearance of the button with WinXP.

Could you show how the android and winxp styles look like in the emulator?

Maybe the Pixels[] property isn't yet implemented. It should be very easy to add it, I can check that monday.

Hi Felipe,

 Here are two pictures with such a style button running WinXP.

 Grateful for the attention;


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