Author Topic: problem of the zeoslib in the lazarus 0.9.11  (Read 3887 times)


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problem of the zeoslib in the lazarus 0.9.11
« on: November 17, 2005, 01:24:42 pm »
Hello friends

how to solve this problem of the zeoslib in the lazarus 0.9.11  :cry:  

Runtime error 210 at $004026C5

$004026C5 FPC_CHECK_OBJECT, line 468 of C:/lazarus/source/fpc/2.1/rtl/inc/

$0089F91F ZDBCDBLIB_init, line 735 of C:/lazarus/components/zeoslib/src/dbc/ZDbcDbLib.pas

$0040E085 fpc_initializeunits, line 611 of C:/lazarus/source/fpc/2.1/rtl/inc/

$0040103E main, line 63 of lazarus.pp

questions :
what did in the lazarus change for the zeoslib not to work?

210 Object not initialized
When compiled with range checking on, a program will report this error if you call a virtual method without having called istr constructor.


DBLibDriver := TZDBLibDriver.Create;
DriverManager.RegisterDriver(DBLibDriver); // the mistake is in this line when it initializes the lazarus

if Assigned(DriverManager) then
DBLibDriver := nil;

Thank you very much

Silvio Guedes


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