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Compile Delphi-Project with Lazarus


I'm new with Lazarus. I have a Personal Edition of Delphi.
I have written some little Applications and now I want to distribute them on my Site. But the License Agreement of my Delphi didn't allowed it. So I want to Compile it with Lazarus and FreePascal.
I have Search here on the Site but didn't find the Info, how I import a Delphi-project in Lazarus and Compile it.  :oops:
I hope somebody can explain me, how i can do that.
Thanks for your Help!
mag2k4  :D

Vincent Snijders:
Have you read some pages of the Lazarus Code and Components Repositry, especially . I think might be helpfull.

And as these are wiki-pages, feel free to add and to correct.


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