Author Topic: to optimize big EXE file.  (Read 26430 times)


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Re: to optimize big EXE file.
« Reply #30 on: July 15, 2012, 09:06:10 pm »
Personally I think your problem has a different origin than size

Nope, it was size.

What makes you so sure it is size related?

Erm, because it now works.

In fact while developing, I even stripped the program down bit by bit, it would work fine until it reached about 5 Meg in size, at this point the program became erratic and started Stack overflowing.  Even weirder, it would work running over the network, and even just copying the app to the device it would then Stack overflow here.  I've a feeling running local App's from this brand of WinCE device uses more Stack when running local.  I even tried upping the Stack size, but that had no effect.  I even used a PE editor to double check the Stack Size had been increased.  To some extent I believe it was more down to the WinCE device, as another WinCE device worked fine with bigger EXE, but for this device Size was certainly an issue.

echoing cheap "bloat" sentiment instead.

Well it's not cheap, it's just a fact.  Is this s a big issue or not is another question,  for embedded devices I'd say yes.