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Wish list: Eclipse-style unit tests; clear project structure.

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--- Quote from: mvampire on January 09, 2012, 01:17:17 am ---Can I ask if there are any plans for this? If not, is it possible to plan it? ;) Generally, if somebody wants some feature, which steps he can do to put his wish into the project roadmap? Which criterias it should pass to be accepted?
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I think that your best chance is to simply write the feature yourself and send the code.

--- Quote ---P.S. If I, in some (not near) future will have time for it, can I start/try to implement it by myself? How to start then (but please don't describe it too precisely, because even if I will have sufficient skills for it, I probably have no time for it now)?
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Yes, sure. I think it should be implemented as a package which acts as an IDE add on. I never wrote one myself, so I dont know where this is documented how to do that.

Here is one such bug report where someone sent us a new Lazarus package which is an IDE add-on:

You could use this code as a starting point to check how IDE add-ons work if noone else has better suggestions.


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