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Hi all,
Where can i find the templates to create an android template?

I don't understand this question, please describe with more words what exactly you are trying to do. What is a "android template"? Google does not bring anything useful on the subject.


I mean when creating a new project Lazarus complains a dialog which contains Application, Console Application, Library, Program etc... so how can I create another one for Android? Where can I find these codes in Lazarus? (template sources). And every Lazarus android application must contain "android" directory right, I suppose that directory could be automatically created by Lazarus so we dont need to copy this directory consistently.

Nice idea!

This is a missing feature. One obtacle is the need to maintain the ever growing list of exported methods, but I am starting to think that they don't need to be in the exports clause if they are registered in the JVM.


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