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Hello All,

I'm generally really enjoying lazarus and Pascal.  Still a lot to learn.

I've uploaded a program in a previous post that I wanted to share, and wonder if it might be considered a good idea to have a a forum area where members can upload their programs and a simple description.  Save trying to search in posts if anyone has left any code.

I enjoy reading through others code for suggestions etc.

Any way just a suggestion


Also, I sure a lot of programs people write have been prevously written by others.

Lazarus Application Gallery and FPC Applications Gallery is nearly enough, minus the upload feature.


They are very polished programs - I'd be somewhat ashamed to upload my scratchings to that repository.  I was thinking of something a little more informal where the less practised programmers can publish their apps.

However, thanks for pointing out those other links, I'mgoing to try some of them out.


An old post but I think such a section(with or without source) would be of benefit to lazarus and would be lazarus users.

I learned by piecing snippets together and by looking at simpler applications to get an idea what is being done and how it is done.

I am self taught and without the snippets and small "beginner" apps I wouldn't have delved into programming especially delphi


--- Quote from: tjpren on December 28, 2011, 12:37:02 pm ---They are very polished programs - I'd be somewhat ashamed to upload my scratchings to that repository. 

--- End quote ---
Seems a waste to have yet another place to look for programs/source code. Why not put it in the Lazarus Gallery even if you think it's not that good? Other people may become interested and have improvement ideas.

Nobody is a perfect coder (or, to borrow from another thread, a perfect graphics designer)... but fortunately you often don't need to be to create something nice, interesting or needed.


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