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Hello, I wanted to know if someone was kind enough to create a virtual machine linux (ubuntu example) with a version of the above Lazarus that allows you to compile Android. Why I Paciocco a bit 'with the various guides I've found, but failed to make the environment! Now my problem is to program on Android not spend my days to prepare the development environment. So I was wondering if those who follow the Android compiler can prepare a virtual machine ready to be programmed on. Let me know thanks

I dont think anyone has created such a virtual machine. The wiki has step-by-step very clear instructions about how to proceed to setup the environment here:

I think it would be better if you say in which step you had trouble, which Linux variant you are using, which processor kind you have, etc.

Using Mandriva or Mageia Linux might help, because I use these.

I can not remember, I have tested just about a month ago on a virtual machine. But I am of the view that if there was something already done (and kept updated, so a virtual machine would be really ideal) would have an incentive to use it a lot. If you like to consider it do me a favor.


Actually, I am using Mac OS X to compile android example. But my test case (android) and carbon are separated, if you insterested I will write it down the step by step instructions.
But perhaps that link which Felipe mentioned is the basic explanation to compile android application.

In this period I do not have much time to devote, so that's why I asked this question. Similarly it would be nice to have a virtual machine is updated, update the official schedule of items for Android. I also think that many like me do not have much time to devote to the preparation of the development environment and therefore would prefer to devote to program rather than take the time to prepare the environment.


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