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OK, I have been going through all the components and this forum and to my understanding there is no Richedit/word processing (format is irrelevant) that is 100% cross, or am I wrong?

I am looking for a very simple word processing component that supports font styles, font colors, image insert and optionally paragraph support. Any hint, ideas are welcome :)

I am sure there is,
 there is one: called  Richmemo, but it's buggy I guess, i don't really know.
And I remember that I founded one in the Wiki, but I forgot , since i was not interested.
Hope this helps.

Oh yes I got it,
here it is :)
But I never tried it,  sorry.


I could not compile it I get an error:

--- Code: ---exRichEdit.lpr(22,1) Error: Undefined symbol: WSRegisterCustomRichBox

--- End code ---


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