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static button with procedure



I want a  static button with procedure ....

--- Code: ---Button.Enabled:=false;
--- End code ---
Does not meet my need

To understand more
When you move or choose buttons in (mode edit form )  , buttons do not behave like the (run-time mode)

I haven't understood anything from what you say, try to explain in the following format which is utilized to remove ambiguities:

1> Step-by-step of the steps you are doing
2> The result that you see
3> The result that you expected to have

I think that he want a button with only the 'normal' state, like when editing in the object inspector. And then assign a function to the button.

Using Enable := False doesn't works because the clic event isn't called.

You can use CustomDrawnButton in customdrawn package and create a drawer or use TBGRAButton in BGRAControls package that already has a 'StaticButton' property.

CustomDrawn ....solved  problem ... Thanks


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