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Just received my copy a couple of days ago. It took about 2 weeks to get to the states so American buyers have patience. I'm very excited to get started with it!!

There is a LOT of content here and pages are not wasted with simple forms and graphics like so many tech books have these days - IOW no extra or wasted whitespace. At first look, it appears that one of the main objectives is to clarify the differences between Lazarus and Delphi. But there seems to be a nice balance between rudimentary (beginners) code and the intermediate material. Since this is the first book on Lazarus, the more advanced Delphi user may be a bit frustrated with the "This is a list box control" portions of the book, but it looks to me like anyone with some programming experience could read and study from the book and do well, even with no Delphi experience. And the CD that comes with the book is full of examples and code, too. And I'm also glad to have it as a guide to port Delphi code and components.

I started with Lazarus many years ago when it was still young, but I was pulled away from programming in general so I have to play catch-up. I'm very impressed with what the team has accomplished! Since I have little use for the new Embarcadero Delphi, I'm staying with D7 but will begin focusing on Lazarus now. I have to be able to produce applications for Linux, and Kylix 3 is just too much frustration (and 10 years old).

So anyway, it's a thumbs up for the new book and I would recommend it - if nothing else than to throw a few $$ at the folks that have really created a masterpiece (or work in progress). :)


--- Quote ---The price of this simple Package is € 35,00 + Shipping (€17.50)
--- End quote ---

It's a big amount for us better to say me as I am living in India.

Is there any low priced edition are coming?

I desperately need this book.

anyway thanks for your efforts.

€17.50 for shipment is a bit high price :(

I received my copy of the book (paperback, english version) a few weeks ago.  It took less than 5 days from Europe to the middle of the States.  It is a heavy book and that, plus the prompt delivery, drives the shipping price up.

I'm still plowing though the book (just starting chapter 6 now), but I'm getting all sorts of tidbits from it.  The subject matter targets application programmers and occasionally the Lazarus IDE developer class programmer.  It is nice to be pushed beyond my comfort zone occasionally.  Authors - thank you.

Hallo Felipe,
I am  a new community member.
I have found Lazarus ide very interesting and decided to abandon visual basic in favor of it.
Having no prior knowledge of the pascal language I decided to order “Lazarus, the complete guide”, simple pack,  from
I followed the procedure, that is in 19/01/2012, I opened paypal to pay, made the  payment and I received an email from paypal confirming the transaction ( Receipt No).
But I never received a confirming email from BLAISE PASCAL MAGAZINE, nor a response to the email I send to
This is the first time l am sending an electronic order,  so I do no have any prior experience.
Did I do something wrong?


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