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I asked the editor to contact you via e-mail.

When I ordered the book, I also did not receive any emails about my order.  I did email the publisher and did get a response from them.  As it turns out, the book arrived the next day. 

As I recall, the book arrived from Europe to the middle of the US in about 5 days, which I thought was a very reasonable delivery time. 

I do agree I would have been more comfortable with an email confirming my order and containing an expected delivery date.

Felipemdc and Ipguy,

thank you for the immediate response.

I received a conformation email from the editor.

To clarify why I turned to the forum is that this is my first time using my prepaid visa card and I had the suspicion that I did something wrong during the procedure of ordering.

From now on I hope I can bother you only for matters concerning programming with Lazarus :)


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