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There is a new promotion for Lazarus Book buyers. This is a cheaper offer with less things included. Now there is a simplified package which includes:

 - Just the book in paperback and a Windows installer CD for Lazarus
 - 50 additional sample projects
 - extra: additional preïnstalled component suites

The price of this simple Package is € 35,00 + Shipping (€17.50)

For more information please see this link and/or contact the editor of the Blaise Pascal magazine:

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

Hey Felipe,

I bought "one year subscription (or renewal) for all 2011 magazine issues - downloadable version (PDF) € 35.00" opened paypal to pay, make payment but have not received an email with User and password in order to download ... emailed and got no response. Could you help me?


Vagner Felipe Becker

Subject solved ..

Dear Felipe; which one handbook would you suggest for me to learn to use Lazarus. I have long experience in "old" Pascal... For Windows 3.1... But nothing at all on "objects". I tried to find out books by myself, but I'm afraid that I would miss the right one. ¿Would you suggest a good beginner book for me, please?



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