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When I was using Lazarus 0.9.6,I translated the Lazaruside.po file into Chinese and compiled it,now I have two and,and Lazarus works ok in Chinese.But now I am using Lazarus 0.9.9,I can't use my translated files,if I choose Enviroment->Enviroment options->DeskTop->Language->Chiense,many of the menus are blank,so I think there must be much differents between the two files: Lazaruside.po in Lazarus 0.9.6 and Lazaruside.po in Lazarus 0.9.9.I have to do the translation again,but I hope that I will do little job,not from the beginning.If I search for every string manually in the first .po file and then navigate the second .po file to see if it was translated,I will do a lot of job.Anyone has any ideas,please?
  By the way,my translation was not completely finshed,when it is completely finshed I will send the result .po file and .mo file to you Lazarus project team.
Best regards

Vincent Snijders:
Some things have changed since 0.9.6.
- The .mo file is not needed anymore
- The encoding of the po file has changed. It was UTF8 on linux and on windows the system default. Now it is always UTF8. So make sure your po file is UTF8.

that's true
how can i contact with rabbit?
i'm doing the work too.

now i have translated it into chinese all
it's a huge work...after finish it i need some relax...i'll mail it as soon as it checked by my friends

Fcw and rabbit,Can you tell me your QQ? My QQ is 464840006.


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