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Creating a Main Menu...and getting it to work
« on: November 03, 2005, 07:31:47 am »
Thank you those who answered my previous post.  I got the main menu editor to work.  But when I go to run the program in the Lazarus IDE it freezes when I click the menu.  (I am working in Version 0.9.10 for win32.)

I tried making a simple do-nothing menu.  I simply opened a new project, dropped a menu onto the form, created a menu item and a submenu item.  I double clicked the submenu item to create a dummy procedure for a mouse click handler, and compiled.  It freezes at runtime in the IDE when I click on the menu item.  Try it.

I tried running one of the example programs that has a menu and it freezes too, in the same way.  Ironically, both mine and the example work fine if I get out or Lazarus and double click on the exe file.

If I debug the project and step through it, it appears to hang up when it is looking for an inc file.  It gives me an opportunity to supply a path.  If I give the correct path to the inc file, it continues to run until it needs another inc file.  I don't know if path screwups are the underlying problem, but if so, perhaps there is some configuration workaround so I can tell it where things are.  

Anyone out there successful in creating menus that actually work when testing them in the IDE?  What are you doing that I'm not doing?


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