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I run into some trouble with QT on Darwin. Any icon that is enabled will not be shown, disabled icons are okay. That's true for Lazarus itself as well as my application. At least my program stores icons in a TImageList and operates them by a TActionList. Furthermore, it paints some icons in a TListView at OnAdvancedCustomDrawIcon. A basic icon from an imagelist is overlaid there by some other graphic stuff (country flag) that is stored in a resource. The resource based part is painted nicely but not the basic icon from the imagelist.

What can I do?

Qt4Pas.framework/Versions/5/Qt4Pas (compatibility version 5.2.0, current version 5.2.4)
Lazarus and Fpc from svn (doesn't matter if Lazarus is compiled with 2.4.4 or 2.7.1)

There are more problems with QT on Mac, look at my post here (comparison images):,13307.msg77119.html#msg77119

indeed, today installed qt-4.6.3 and there's no icons ... afair it was ok before (qt-4.5.XX)
What qt version you have ?

Running QT 4.7.4. on Linux all looks fine (Lazarus 0.9.31 r33990M FPC 2.7.1 x86_64-linux-qt). I'm not sure how to access QT version on MacOS. "qmake -v" says "Using Qt version 4.7.4 in /Library/Frameworks..." (Lazarus 0.9.31 r33172M, FPC 2.4.4 i386-darwin-qt).

Fixed: 1.Empty images , 2.Black mask of application icons.
Seem that both problems are qt bugs related to QPixmap on mac.
In first case I've just converted QPixmap to QImage and then QPainter_drawImage() (was QPainter_drawPixmap()), in second case I've stopped adding mask into ARGB32 image
while creating QIcon.
See svn r34114


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