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A while back Borland released a large amount of code under the GPL.  See  The latest update was in 2001 and contained Kylix 2 updates I think.  I don't think this code base contained any VCL but it contained a lot of useful stuff the VCL uses like the Windows unit (RTL?).  Are you guys away of this and could you incorporate this into your Lazarus codebase?

Vincent Snijders:
Speaking for myself, I hope and think the lazarus developers team is wise enough NOT to do such a thing.

I am not very good at understanding licenses, but IMHO this would be a very unwise thing to do, as the LCL is largely LGPL. Incorporating it  into the LCL (this would be the most logical place, would mean the LCL can't be LGPL anymore and that would be a great loss to the possibity to make propriety programs with Lazarus.

Can you explain what you mean a little more?  What would be the consequence of putting GPL code into an LGPL application?

Vincent Snijders:
Well, I am not sure and please anybody correct me if I am wrong.

Currently the LCL is mostly LGPL, which means I can make application with the LCL and I don't have to release the code of it, if I don't make any changes to the LCL.
If the FreeCLX would be used in the LCL would mean, that the LCL also becomes GPL'ed (I think that is the nature of GPL). If the LCL is GPL, than all applications made with GPL will also be GPL. That means you only may distribute your application, if you include the source, which is much more restrictive than the current LGPL license of the LCL.


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