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Permanent job for Lazarus developer in Denmark


We are looking for another Lazarus/Delphi developer to join our team.

The EarMaster company has just been nominated the "Gazelle" price, which means we are among the fastest growing companies in Denmark!
We need you on our successful development team!

We use Delphi for Windows and Lazarus for Mac to develop our product EarMaster, which is used by musicians all over the world. Therefore you also must have some knowledge about music theory to apply for this position.

You can read more here:

Best regards,
Hans Jakobsen

You are also people from other states who work remotely?

no xinyiman, if you had followed the link you'd read:
"A full-time position at our office in Aarhus, Denmark."

But it's a great opportunity for anyone that is good developer :)
(i'm not)

Yes, we want a person who can work at our office. However, I just modified the job description because if you fit perfectly for the job, but cannot move to Denmark, then send an application anyway.
In other words: if you skills can compensate for the disadvantage of not living here, please do not hesitate to apply for the job.
You will however be required to come to the office regularly e.g. one week per month.

We speak only English at the office, because our team members comes from 5 different countries.

Best regards,
Hans Jakobsen


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