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Unicode with latest SVN


I updated FPC 2.7.1 and Lazarus from SVN and now my umlauts are not accept anymore. To test, drop a TEdit on a form, change mode to ecUpperCase and try ÄÖÜ (I guess all other multibyte chars don't work as well not). Or run "edit2.text:=UTF8UpperCase(edit1.text);".
The code is okay for 32bit with a somewhat older fpc/lcl release (within another Virtualbox) and, of course, Linux.

Any suggestions?

PS: Compilation of fpc was based on 2.5.1.


--- Quote from: Ocye on October 23, 2011, 06:13:22 pm ---Any suggestions?
--- End quote ---

Don't use Lazarus with FPC 2.7 for now. This is just not supported and FPC 2.7 is under development with a final state not yet defined.

2.7.1 works well with Linux.


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