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--- Quote from: Martin_fr on October 21, 2011, 02:27:11 am ---I learned to ignore anything where the subject is not English. But you used an English subject... Not your fault. But it leads to the assumption there is an English message.
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Amazingly this title is valid portuguese, because the word order is correct. "Editor" in english is "Editor" in portuguese. WYSIWYG is a technical term without an easy translation. FreePascal is written wrongly, of course.

I think this sentense is not valid english because the word order is wrong, in english it would be "WYSIWYG Free Pascal Editor"

AFAIK, there is no ready to use Lazarus component that could edit HTML. There are two options I know of:
* write your own one;
* start standalone editor program (e.g. Seamonkey Composer) using TProcess. If you do not have separate HTML files and rather deal with HTML content in database you can save this content to a temporary file, open it in external HTML editor and then read the result back into your program.

There is another solution: implement a new library which can read rtf and output html. I've been thinking of writing a new library called fpdocuments for some time. It would be modules to allow easily supporting more formats in the future.

If you can write the RTF import module, I can write the general structure of the library and the html output. It would be placed in the Lazarus-CCR


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