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hello to all, i'm italian, i use always lazarus when i create a delphi program. i want to translate it in italian. How can i do this??? thank you to all.

Vincent Snijders:
Read the Quick Start for translators.

Send updated *.it.po files (in UTF8 encoding) to patch (at)

i see that a translation for italian already exist, in this case have no sense to create another translation. how can i set the language of my lazarus???

Goto Environment -> Environment Options -> Desktop
Then choose Italian at the Language box. :)

Vincent Snijders:
But I think it needs to be updated, so I am glad you want to work on it.

Also, there are *.itiso.po files, which were windows only, but now windows is using the it.po files (UTF8) too. I would like to remove those itiso.po files, but I would feel better if somebody checked all existing translations are merged into the it.po files.


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