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Hello everyone,

I'm really impressed with the helpful and friendly community on this forum - maybe you guys can help me with something! I've run into two roadblocks in my LazToApk setup that might merit some attention.

First - I'm interested in creating an app that connects to a FireBird database. But when I place an IBConnection component into the project, I get the following error upon compile-time:

"syneditplugins.pas(0,0) Fatal: Can not find unit unicodedata used by character."

I've tried using an Alias, like "TEST1," as the Database name (in case there were characters problems in the pathname) but it didn't help. Furthermore, even if I remove the component, the project still fails to compile, with the same error. I also tried just placing an IBConnection with no server data at all - same problem.

Second - certain text-related components compile fine, but cause the app to crash when the virtual device attempts to run it. And apps using components like a TEdit, for example, aren't able to read in letters from my keyboard - only numbers. I'm wondering, was this designed with, for example, a German keyboard configuration, and that could be giving me these errors? Is there any file in which I could change this setting? And along those lines, is there anywhere I can find some kind of list of Lazarus components that are supported in the most recent LazToApk release?

I've been working with a Windows 8 desktop (x86) and everything else has been installed and configured correctly so far; the only hitch is that whenever I build a new project, its default appearance is the example app from the tutorial. I imagine there's a path variable somewhere in my installation I mixed up, but for the time being it's an easy workaround.

Thanks so much in advance! I can provide any additional details about my installation and configuration.
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Re: Question concerning keyboard types in LazToApk and component support
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The unicodedata unit belongs to FPC/trunk, and switched directories somewhere in spring.

If you update FPC by installing the just compiled version over the old one, you might have two sets of .ppu's in the lazarus searchpath, which can also lead to this problem.

Try to cleanout PPUs and .Os, and then rebuild FPC and lazarus


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Re: Question concerning keyboard types in LazToApk and component support
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2014, 10:50:50 pm »
Thanks for the advice! That definitely helped, and I'm not receiving the error anymore. I also ended up doing a clean install, and am finding it much more functional. Looks like there's still no support for database connections, but having scoured the web, I wonder if that kind of functionality isn't very commonplace among opensource software yet?

Either way, thanks very much for the speedy reply!


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