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So in:
I see that there is SynEdit (used by IDE) and SynEdit 2.0.5 port.

There are no instructions on the use of 2.0.5. How do you install it? Do you replace synedit, or what? I'm guessing you can't have both installed.

This is the biggest problem with open source software. Needed documentation is often lacking or missing altogether.

Why do so many programmers leave out even the most basic instructions on how to use the software they have written?

Hi Fishous.

The documentation for SynEdit should be on SynEdit project page:

As you see even this component lack of documentation as they put comments in their code.

But SynEdit and SynMemo components are not hard to use in Lazarus. Try !

I know the components are not hard to use. I'm sure I can figure that part out, as I use the original SynEdit in Delphi to write the CoffeeCup Software HTML Editor.

I'm talking about things that you need to know prior to using it, like installation, especially since Lazarus uses SynEdit for the IDE, what are the implications of updating it, supported OS's, etc. Stuff like that.

You mention that the documentation "should be" on the project page, but it isn't. This is what I'm talking about. If their code is commented, and you can use pasdoc to output to HTML, why the heck doesn't someone output the fricken thing and upload it to the page?

Not only that, but the SourceForge project specifically states "Compatibility with FreePascal / Lazarus is planned, and the editor in the Lazarus IDE is indeed a SynEdit-port, but based on the 1.1 version and with some additions. " So that leaves me wondering, will this break Lazarus or what? Which version is this? It's just like any other SourceForge project which can be summed up with "Here's some code, good luck sucker!"

I specifically asked about 2.0.5. Why does it exist? Is it better?

I've written over 15 commercial Delphi apps over the period of 14 years, I would really like to port some of my code to Lazarus, but I'm having a difficult time dealing with the missing, outdated and incorrect wiki information on Lazarus. I really want to get into and contribute to Lazarus, but it really seems like it's just a free-for-all project with no one running the show.

On one side you say that you want to contribute, but then you complain there is no documentation for using SynEdit 2 with Lazarus. So why don't you figure out the answers and then write the documentation? This would be what I call a contribution. The wiki is the place for such documentation.

If you don't want to navigate in unchartered waters then the answer is simple: Don't use SynEdit 2 with Lazarus, use the standard SynEdit which is available with Lazarus.

The SynEdit 2.05 was ported by a Lazarus user (R. Napoles).

About using it, you should differ between compiling the IDE with it as new Editor, and using it in your projects.

The IDE depends on the build-in SynEdit. It had changes/additions to the interface, and the IDE would not even compile with a different SynEdit.

Using the SynEdit 2.0.5. If you need to use it in code only, you can just include the units (just do not include the Lazarus SynEdit package in your project, and your project has no idea about Lazarus SynEdit)

It might be a bit of a problem, to install the new SynEdit into the ID so it can be used in the designer. I haven't tried that yet. => but that might lead to duplicate units and class-names.

You could try if you can get hold of RN on the mailing lsit (he used to be there), maybe he has an idea.


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